Renting A Home vs Renting An Apartment In Birmingham

By Rudy Rudulph, October 3, 2017


Most people think of two main options when it comes to choosing housing arrangements- buying a home or renting an apartment. However, there is a third, less pursued but just as viable, option to be considered — finding homes for rent. When deciding between renting a home or renting an apartment in Birmingham there are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider the amenities. Homes and apartments offer different amenities and these may appeal more to one type of lifestyle over another. Homes tend to have more space, more rooms, garages, and larger yards. Apartments tend to have community access pools, gyms, laundry and generally include utilities and other maintenance. Whether you need the space and can keep up with everything may determine if you go with a home rental over an apartment option for rental properties in Birmingham.

Compare the utilities. As mentioned above, most apartments include a flat rate for utilities in the monthly cost for rent. Home property rentals often require you to be responsible for the electricity that you use while renting. If you know you can keep utilities low, then a home may be a good option for you but if you are likely to use a lot and exceed your budget on utilities a flat rate fee with a rental may be a more affordable option.

Consider privacy needs. While most of the nice modern apartments have good sound-proofing, you can never isolate completely away from your neighbors and you will have encounters with your neighbors. There is also the real possibility you may be renting an apartment with someone else so privacy will be even more scarce. If privacy is very important, then finding houses for rent, where you can select a house away from people that is a bit more secluded, may be the best option for you.

Consider rent-to-buy options. If you plan on renting for a long time, more than a year or two, then your best bet would be to look for house rentals that have a rent-to-buy option. This means you rent for the duration of your contact and those rent payments go toward paying off the cost of the home until you are able to buy the home completely and assume ownership. The only time that most individuals can buy an apartment space outright in Birmingham is if and when the building transitions from an apartment complex to a condominium complex. That takes a lot of luck and a lot of collaborating with the property managers.

List out your centralization needs. Consider where you need to go each day, where work is, where classes are held, where you need to go for shopping and what your daily and weekly routine looks like. Apartment buildings tend to be centrally located near public transportation, local attractions and area businesses. Houses are usually farther away from the city center. Of course, you can find apartment farther out and homes closer to city central but that is not as common. So, make sure you know where you need to go and how far you are willing to travel when you talk to the property management companies about your options for renting.

When you need help choosing the best option for your future Birmingham home or apartment rental, give us a call and let us help you make sense of it all.