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Each prospective tenant is required to have a minimum credit score of 600 and tenant (or tenants) must have a monthly income of at least three times the rental price (collectively) to qualify to rent a property. Only 1 applicant is required to fill out the initial application in order to check out keys to view a property. Once a property is selected, then all applicants 19 years or older will be required to apply. This does not guarantee the application will be accepted. Please send application along with:

  • A pre-qualification fee of $10.00, Money Order or Certified Funds or Credit Card, per applicant
    • This fee will cover credit check, criminal background and initial rental history report
  • some form of photo identification, such as a driver license, passport, or military ID

***** In the event you do not qualify, all monies paid to pre-qualify are non-refundable *****


After the completed application form has been submitted and pre-qualified for each adult 19 or older, Rudulph Real Estate will require:

  • An application processing fee of $15.00, in “Certified Funds” or Credit Card- per applicant “Non-refundable”
    • This fee will cover employment verification and unverified rental history
  • A Cashier Check or Money Order ONLY for Security Deposit (equal to one month’s rent).

Agents from Rudulph will process application and verify all required information. Once the application packet is complete, agent from Rudulph will contact applicant(s) to review application to ensure agent and applicant are on the same page. Agent will then contact owner to review application. If application is approved by owner, agent will again contact applicant(s) to review the final agreement and at that time agent and applicant(s) will agree to the lease terms and the property will be removed from the active listings. Once the lease terms have been agreed upon by all parties, the security deposit check will be deposited into the esrow account for Rudulph Real Estate and will be held in this account until tenant vacates the property and the move-out inspection has been completed at the end of the lease term.

If future tenant fails to execute the lease on the agreed upon move-in date, all deposits will be forfeited.

Pet's fees may be paid with your first month's rent.

Houses are rented in "AS IS" condition, except as noted on your application. Please be sure to let us know of any condition which would keep you from taking the house "AS IS".

Please read the attached Lease Agreement before signing the application. It is not necessary to return this copy of the lease.


It is the policy of Rudulph Real Estate, Inc. to thoroughly investigate all individuals applying for residency. Each individual applicant must meet requirements to be approved. Individual owners may have higher or lower qualification requirements.

A Guarantor may be requested, at the company's discretion, if the applicant is a full-time student, recently independent individual, or has non-garnishable wages. The Guarantor must me in good standing with his or her credit, must demonstrate stable current employment with verifiable income and must have available assets in the State of Alabama. Identity must be verifiable by a state, or federally, issued form of identification which includes a photograph.

All applications are processed through a professional credit bureau service. Our ability to process your application in a timely manner is dependent upon the thoroughness and accuracy of your responses. We will the inform your of the acceptance, or refusal, of your application.

ALL QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR CREDIT HISTORY SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO THE CREDIT BUREAU. Do not discuss your credit history with the office staff. (You will not be furnished whit a copy of your credit report).

The application process includes, but is not limited to, investigation of the following for all applicants and/or Guarantor(s).

  1. RESIDENCE HISTORY – Verification of current and past residences including: length of residency, rental amount, payment history, the absence or presence of complaints, the condition upon vacating, the cost of damages incurred, and history of proper notice given regarding intent to move. A stable rental history is expected of all applicants. If you currently own your residence, your mortgage payment amount and payment history may be verified.

  2. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY – Verification of current employment includes length of employment and monthly gross income of approximately three (3) times the rental amount of the property for which you are applying. Your most recent employment and current employment should be of reasonable length of time and should demonstrate stability in employment history. Self-employed applicants must furnish their most recent tax return for review..

  3. CREDIT HISTORY – A full credit history is prepared on each applicant and Guarantor(s). All applicants and/or guarantor(s) are required to have a minimum credit score of 600.

  4. BANKRUPTCY – The application may not be accepted if the applicant has filed for bankruptcy or with debtor's court within the last two (2) years.
  5. NATIONWIDE CRIMINAL SEARCH – Each applicant will have a criminal background search, this includes registered sex offenders and terrorist watch list (OFAC)
  6. NATIONWIDE EVICTION HISTORY – History of any unlawful detainer filings (even those without a judgment that will no longer appear on credit report).

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